Apple blocks Bitcoin payments on Gliph messaging app


Gliph is a secure text-based communication app along the likes of WhatsApp, GroupMe and other messaging social networks. What’s different about Gliph, though, is that it allows its users to send Bitcoin–the famed cryptocurrency–to each other via Bitcoin services Coinbase and The app allows users to send funds to each other via other methods such as PayPal and Square as well.

But Apple has seemingly revealed an unstated policy against the former method of sending funds, and has threatened to remove Gliph from the App Store unless it removes the ability to send Bitcoin. The app’s developers had the following to say¬†in a blog post:

“We were asked by Apple to remove the ability to send Bitcoin from the iOS app…We fought to keep it in but it was not possible‚Ķ You can still create wallets, view balances and receive Bitcoin in the Gliph app for iOS.”

As The Guardian notes, this is only one of many instances in which Apple has insisted apps that offer bitcoin functionality be stripped of it lest be removed from the App Store completely. This is likely due to the fact that its legality as a tender is currently in question in the United States, and Apple is taking preventative measures to keep these apps off the store should the United States government decide it is illegal.

[The Guardian]

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