Samsung tries to hide burnt Galaxy S4 and miserably fails

Samsung Galaxy S4 S 4 FlatMeet Richard Wygand. When his Galaxy S4 suddenly caught fire while charging, he reached out to Samsung to get his smartphone replaced. As you might expect, the South Korean company respectfully asked for proof of the incident. Fair enough. But when Richard followed up on that request, posting video evidence of the melted Galaxy S4 on YouTube, Samsung responded with legal jargon that attempted to sweep the issue under the rug.

In return for agreeing to replace the Galaxy S4 with a “similar model,” Samsung explicitly demanded that Richard remove the above YouTube video from his channel. The document also prohibited him from making any future videos or statements about the burnt smartphone, in addition to releasing the consumer electronics maker from holding any liability for the situation. So what did Richard do? He posted another video, alongside a full copy of the legal document Samsung wanted him to sign.

Checkmate, Samsung. The second video, in which Richard vents about the company mishandling an important safety issue, has gone on to accumulate close to 500,000 views in just four days — about four times the number of views on the first video. If Samsung didn’t know what the Streisand effect is before, they certainly do now. And just when we thought Samsung was doing marketing right.

[The Daily Dot]

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