WSJ: The iPhone will soon be available on the world’s largest carrier

More than six years after the original release, The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Apple’s iPhone will soon be available on China Mobile, which is the largest mobile carrier by customer base in the world. China Mobile, which has more than 700 million customers, is likely the last major holdout for the iPhone, which is available on other carriers and in other ways in China.

The Chinese government, which controls China Mobile, last month stated that the iPhone would soon be available on the network. Apple and China Mobile, however, refused to comment on that development, so many presumed that it was simply a case of incorrect information. The above image was leaked by a smaller carrier that resells China Mobile’s network, but was promptly pulled after it went live.

Specific details are as-of-yet unknown, but The WSJ has a fantastic track record for these types of reports. With the iPhone being on the world’s largest carrier, it’s likely that iOS will experience at least some benefit in terms of marketshare.

[The WSJ]

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