Does Touch ID’s accuracy decay over time?

iPhone 5S Front

Touch ID was one of the major features of the iPhone 5S, and received almost universal acclaim for its accuracy and convenience. While other fingerprint readers have appeared on mobile devices, Apple’s was the first to be accurate enough to practically replace the passcode.

Dr. Drang, a notable blogger, noticed this about the sensor:

I know this sounds impossible, but its recognition of my prints seems to decay with time.

I rescanned my fingers this weekend, and Touch ID has been amazingly fast and accurate since then. Just as it was when I first got the 5s, and just as it was a few weeks later when I rescanned my fingers for the first time.

I’ve noticed something similar, though I have personally attributed it to physical conditions. As Dr. Drang states, this does seem impossible. Have you experienced this on your iPhone 5S?

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