Developers of popular PlayStation series “Ratchet and Clank” developing iOS game

Insomniac Games is known primarily for their fantastic PlayStation titles. With franchises like Ratchet and Clank and Resistance, the game studio has carved itself a large following.

The company tried to move into the “social web” with Outernauts. The game relied on Facebook, and ultimately didn’t gain much traction. Instead of canning the game outright, Insomniac is shifting gears: Outernauts, which features fantastic artwork and gameplay mechanics that are similar to Pokémon, will be making its iOS debut soon. The studio announced that they were bringing the game to iOS earlier this year, though no launch date was given. With this latest news, it seems that Insomniac is prioritizing the iOS version:

We hope our pending rewards will serve as a token of our gratitude and will at least encourage you to try Outernauts on iOS.  Speaking of which, we have overhauled the game, while retaining the core charm and features of the original. That means it’s a more streamlined experience focusing primarily on breeding and battles — with more beasts, worlds, missions and well…more.  In other words, we’ve evolved Outernauts specifically for iOS.  This ain’t no simple port. We’re very excited about it here.

No release date was given, though it seems clear that Insomniac is trying to get this out the door as soon as possible.

[Insomniac Games]

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