TextExpander re-released on the App Store, no longer uses Reminders.app to share data

Here’s another example of an app that would benefit from robust inter-app sharing: TextExpander, an application that is loved by the Apple community, was pulled from the iOS App Store last week. Apple stated that TextExpander was inappropriately using Reminders.app to share a user’s TextExpander snippets with other applications that supported the TextExpander SDK.

This was true, but it TextExpander was forced to do this after iOS 7 removed the multiple copy board feature that allowed for limited data sharing.

Smile, the developers behind TextExpander, found another way to share the data:

We have come up with an alternative to using Reminders, which will require you to take action to update your snippets and keep them updated. This will have to be done via apps you use with TextExpander integration.

There will probably be a “Get Snippet Data” button in the app’s settings, but that depends on how the developer chooses to handle this.

Unfortunately, this requires individual apps to be updated in order to offer TextExpander support. That will take some time, as developers submit compatible apps to the App Store.

TextExpander syncs your snippets across iOS and Mac. It takes a shortcut, and replaces the shortcut with the appropriate, preset word or phrase. For example, I could type “todaydate” into a supported app, and TextExpander would replace that phrase with today’s formatted date.

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