4K displays appear on the market ahead of imminent Mac Pro launch

Call it divine intervention, the imminent launch of the Mac Pro, or — most likely — the availability of graphics cards that can power the displays, but Dell is pushing forward with its plans to be among the first display maker to offer a line of 4K, 3840 x 2160 displays.

Dell will be offering three units at the following sizes: 24″, 28″, and 32″. These units vary in pricing, with the most expensive being the 32″, which will cost $3499. The 24″ is the second most expensive, at $1399. Both of these models are available now.

The  28″ panel will be much less, going for somewhere under $1000. The catch is that this model will be available starting next year. These displays are similar to what Apple may eventually ship in an updated “retina” Cinema Display.

The availability of these panels comes at an interesting time. The highest-end of the Mac market will be clamoring for new equipment once the updated Mac Pro launches before the New Year. Additionally, both Nvidia and AMD now have graphics cards at relatively low prices that make these monitors more feasible for high-end gaming PCs. At these prices, it’s still hard to justify them over other monitors, but for the highest end of specialized markets, it’s good to see these advancements coming down the pipeline.

I guess the final question is this: will Apple have its own Cinema Display ready before they launch the new Pro line?

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