Where will Apple’s hardware line go in 2014?


The past year has seen Apple’s hardware line mature in various directions. An emphasis on battery life was placed upon the MacBook line and, with the help of Intel’s Haswell architecture, both the MacBook Air and MacBook Pro lead the computing industry in this regard. The Mac Pro received a complete overhaul, integrating a new emphasis on GPU power while also receiving a design that focuses on cooling the internal components.

The iPad mini also pushed the envelope: it gained a retina display without having to sacrifice battery life. The iPhone 5C also brought about a more colorful, lower-cost device into the mobile lineup. On the other hand, the iPod line and the Mac Mini languished without any updates.

Personally, I believe that retina will continue to proliferate throughout both iDevices and Macs. Likewise, the A7 will be the foundation for the next generation of Apple ARM products. The chip is built expressly for the tasks that Apple wants it to accomplish. I also hope to see Apple begin to push down on the price envelope of the iPad line. The retina mini’s price point is a competitive disadvantage where it currently sits.

Rumors of wearable devices and televisions continue unabated, though it’s hard to pinpoint a “when.” An updated Apple TV box is hopefully in the cards; with the recent release of consoles and excitement over the Steam box(es), Apple could open the Apple TV, release a controller or some other method of input, and have one of the best-selling TV platforms available.

Where do you see Apple’s hardware going in the coming year?

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