First “official” iOS gaming controller receives poor reviews

moga ace controller

iOS 7 included hundreds of new features, but one of the most unknown is that Apple now includes an API for game controllers. This API allows third-party hardware manufacturers to create standardized gaming controllers that don’t rely on specific gaming developers to function properly.

This change has been seen by many as Apple finally dipping its toes in the console gaming market. However, the first controller that makes use of this API isn’t off to a strong start. The MOGA gamepad launch has been marked by critical reviews, which see it as a bad implementation of a good idea. To make things worse, its problems aren’t entirely due to hardware. Even the game developers that support this iOS 7 API haven’t tweaked their games to work well with the controller.

TouchArcade notes this:

However, with surprise comes disappointment, and the main source of that disappointment is how incredibly obvious to us that all of the developers out there releasing updates to add iOS 7 controller support are doing so without actually testing on a controller.

Definitely not the smoothest start to what could be an interesting product. Thankfully, it seems as if this API is gaining traction, with companies like Logitech rumored to be building products for it. The above TouchArcade also says that first-person shooters are, for the first time, truly enjoyable on iOS:

Additionally, I’ve found myself actually enjoying playing first person shooters on my iPhone for the first time I can ever remember. All the frustration of having your thumbs all over the screen desperately trying to look and move while avoiding and/or hitting a plethora of virtual buttons just totally fades away. If you’re a huge fan of iOS first person shooters, consider one of these controllers an absolute must-have accessory.

Of course, what would really blow this market up would be Apple releasing a first-party controller, and perhaps opening an A7-based Apple TV up for third-party games. That, however, remains firmly a pipe dream.

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