Apple will now pay for your water-damaged iPhone, iPad


Have an iPhone that you dropped in the toilet? Tried to save its life by drowning it in rice for a week to no avail? Well Apple now has an answer for you. They’ll pay you for that poor, lifeless device. Apple’s iOS device recycling program has always promised a gift card in return for your used iPhone, iPad, MacBook, or Mac desktop, but they’re now extending the program–as of Monday–to accept the iPhone and iPad in water-logged form.

Impressively, the prices Apple is offering for water damaged devices are actually quite fair. A 32 GB Verizon iPhone 5 will snag you a full $235 Apple gift card. Want to know if your device is technically water damaged in Apple’s opinion? Check out this support article.

Does anyone have a water damaged device that they might sell now that this is an option?


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