Retina iPad mini has worse color gamut than iPad Air


The iPad Air and the latest generation iPad mini don’t have many differences. Many reviews have condensed the comparison between the two devices to simply deciding the size display you prefer. If you want a smaller screen and a slightly more portable device, get an iPad mini. If  you want the same exact performance and features in a slightly bigger package, get the iPad Air. Reviewers and pundits have been able to come to this conclusion because there is almost no sacrifice when going with the cheaper, smaller, and equally as powerful iPad mini with Retina display.

But it turns out that might not be completely true. As reported by Anandtech, the iPad mini’s retina display is quite simply incapable of showing as many colors as the iPad Air. As you can see in the graph above, color gamut, which is a rating of the range of colors a device’s screen can display, is notably worse on the latest iPad mini in comparison to even the Nexus 7 and the NVIDIA Tegra Note 7. The only device on the graph worse than the iPad mini with Retina display is actually the first generation iPad mini.

The display is by no means “bad,” though. Most say that the difference isn’t even noticeable unless coming directly from a device such as the iPad Air and comparing them side by side. How do you feel about this? Would it make you prefer the iPad Air?


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