Are you still running iOS 6?


iOS 7 has been out for exactly two months now, and most–almost 80%–of iOS device users have adopted the latest operating system. I could spend an entire post comparing that statistic to historical adoption rates of Android operating systems, but I’m not interested in starting a debate in that regard. What I think is interesting is to look at the number of people still running iOS 6. As you can see in the above graph, more than 20% of iOS devices currently active are still running iOS 6.

Besides the fact that many iOS devices simply can not run iOS 7, there are many reasons why users would want to stay on iOS 6. Maybe you want to stay on iOS 6 because there are jailbreak features you absolutely can’t live without. Maybe you simply hate the flat design that was spearheaded by Jony Ive. Whatever the case, there are bound to be members of the iFans forums that are still on iOS 6. Why are you still on iOS 6?

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