Do you think Touch ID is a marketing gimmick?

iPhone 5S Side

Touch ID, which was introduced last month with the launch of the iPhone 5s, has been received with varied impressions. Most say that the fingerprint scanning feature is well-implemented and improves the user experience overall, but doesn’t bring anything truly new or revolutionary to the iOS experience. Touch ID saves the user a few seconds and removes the need to have a password to secure your phone in normal circumstances, but does it make enough difference to necessitate the feature?

One iFans user has this to say:

Tried TouchID today. While well implemented, it doesn’t change the user experience…as the Apple guy tried to tell me it was.

Fingerprint scanning technology and other biological security features could very well soon hit the mainstream for the first time due to Apple taking the initiative and finally bringing the technology to one of their products in a well-implemented way. That said, this fingerprint security technology could also very well go down as simply an extra feature that helped Apple sell more iPhones. How do you feel about the feature? Will it change the phone industry and spawn other companies to implement biological security in their own ways? Or will it go down in history as a feature that Apple used to sell another generation of notably faster and improved, but overall the same iPhone they’ve always sold?

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