Quick App: AED (Advanced English Dictionary)

AED (which stands for ‘Advanced English Dictionary’) is the best iOS dictionary app I have found available on the iTunes App Store. It takes a dictionary, adds a dash of style, a sprinkle of speed, and a cup of pure awesome.

I know, I know: a dictionary app isn’t exactly the most exciting thing in the (app) world. However, I’m not sure anyone can argue that it isn’t useful. Get an email with a word that you don’t know? How about a set of instructions with a strange word? Or a book that you’re reading for school? Or perhaps a saying that you just read, but aren’t sure what it means? Most dictionaries would carry information for all but the latter.

Read on for some impressions and screenshots!

AED contains all the definitions and information anyone could ever want in a fantastic user interface. In my own personal experience, I use it daily whenever blogging on here. It’s great to look up a word that you think you know and want to use, but are a bit shaky on the definition or spelling. As far as the database of definitions, I’ve looked up hundreds of words to test and have gotten definitions on all. This is extremely impressive, considering that this is all done natively — in other words, no data connection needed. Good news for the iPod touch and iPad minus 3G users of the world.

As far as types of words covered, it turns up this truly is an advanced dictionary; the app contains names of famous people, landmarks, sayings, and dates. How big is this app, you ask? 14.6MB.

As I mentioned above, the user interface is fantastic. It’s everything a digital dictionary should be: easy to navigate lightning quick. Multiple definitions for the same words are displayed separately, so you don’t have to search for the point where one definition ends and another begins. You can pretty easily tell that the interface was meant to be simple as possible; get out of the users’ way, so they can find what they need and move on.

Of course, not everyone needs to have a dictionary with them 24/7, and some who do can just use Google. For those that would like a native option, AED is probably the best out there. The app is available for $0.99 in the iTunes App Store.


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