Check out this iOS Home Screen concept


One of the biggest arguments Android users have against iOS is that the home screen has always been the same. If you look at a picture showing iOS 1 through 7 side by side, you’ll find that this is indeed the case. The Home Screen has evolved for sure, but it has always been simply a page of icons. The Home Screen itself has never harbored any true “widgets” or detailed information at a glance.

One designer, Sangam Bhandari of Nepal, has posted a concept that would bring this quick-access information to the Home Screen in an interesting way. Basically, the concept brings the best of the extra information within Notification Center (time, date, weather), the toggles from Control Center, and splashes them on the first page of the Home Screen along with some widget-like app access.

Each app you have docked on this new Home Screen would be tappable to reveal detailed information below it from within each respective application. Overall, I find the concept a bit cluttered and too impersonal for my tastes. What if a user loves the simplicity of a Home Screen full of their favorite apps? Are they stuck with Control Center toggles instead? What do you think? Hit the break for more images.



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