Netflix Announces Streaming-Only Plan for $7.99

Netflix now offers an unlimited streaming-only plan for just $7.99 per month, $2 less than the one disk at a time option. This could be an excellent option for customers who plan on using the Instant Queue service across their various gadgets, and don’t want to fiddle around with archaic DVDs. At the moment, Netflix doesn’t have the greatest selection of titles available online, but the company is very serious about building their streaming collection. It also looks like they have nixed the $4.99 2-hours/2-disk per month plan (which was next to useless anyway) in favor of this new option.

There is also a rumor floating around that Hulu will be slashing the price of Plus in half, which could make the streaming war even more competitive. As always, Netflix has a free one month trial available to test out the service.


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