Apple reports latest financial results: iPhone up, iPad flat, Mac down slightly


Apple reported its latest financial results today, taking in $7.5 billion of profit on $37.5 billion in revenue.

The iPhone was up, selling 33.8 million units as compared to the year-ago quarter, where they sold 26.9 million. The iPad was comparatively flat, shipping 14.1 million units as opposed to 14 million devices a year ago. The Mac was down roughly 7%, moving 4.6 million units, compared to 4.9 million units last year. The iPod is back to 2004 levels, perhaps signaling that the product category is going to be retired soon, or perhaps replaced — “iPod” could make a great name for a wearable product.

The iPhone is obviously the highlight of this report, though it is worth noting that both the iPad and Mac lines saw their first updates this year at the October 22nd event, and are not yet on sale. It is likely that many people were waiting for these new launches before purchasing newer iPads or Macs. Still, overall a strong quarter, though Apple’s profit margins are down, due likely to investment in more expensive components, like the A7, TouchID, and retina displays for the iPad mini. Finally, Apple reported that international sales (read: non-U.S. sales) made up for 60% of revenue.

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