All-new Mac Pro shipping in December for $2,999

Mac ProThe Mac Pro has finally been updated. Available in December for $2,999, the latest model features a completely new design, as well as some insane power.

However, the new design also has various trade-offs. Firstly, the expansion bays are gone — Apple is relying on the speed of Thunderbolt 2 for extra harddrive space, which is essential in many professions that find use for a Mac Pro. In addition to that, many will object to the price; keep in mind that this computer is not designed to move in volume, but instead is supposed to satisfy some of the highest-end computing done in various industries, including film, photo, and development, where price isn’t necessarily an objection.

The $2,999 price is also actually lower than anticipated: many were expecting a base model to come it $3,000, with additional RAM, GPU and CPU upgrades adding significantly to that price. Also of interest: the Mac Pro is made in the United States.

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