Tweetbot 3.0 for iOS 7 submitted to the App Store

twitterTweetbot, one of the most popular Twitter clients on the App Store, is one very important app still left without an iOS 7 update. The update has been in the works since WWDC when iOS 7 was introduced to the public, but was nowhere to be found on the day iOS 7 was officially seeded to the general public. We were left with little information other than that the Tapbots team was working hard and reassurance from Paul Haddad that the update was late because “quality software takes time.”

Today, the Tapbots team has updated us on the progress of the update in a blog post, and has given the great news that Tweetbot 3.0 for iOS 7 has been submitted to the App Store for review. Follow after the break for the details.

We’ve just submitted Tweetbot for iPhone to the app store and are waiting for approval. We do not have a launch date yet because there are many other things that need to be in place and ready before we launch, but it will be soon. That is all that we can say at this point. We truly appreciate your patience and support on this and know that it will be worth the wait!

The blog post also sheds light on the status of what the team plans to do with their previous–seemingly abandoned–apps such as Calcbot and Pastebot:

Apps like Weightbot, Convertbot, and Calcbot needed to be completely re-thought and redesigned for the new aspect ratio. Pastebot is full of custom UI so while it would be easier to convert to the 4″ screen size than our other apps, it still needed lots of work. We made the smart business decision to keep our focus on Tweetbot for Mac. We haven’t abandoned our older apps, but we have to make tough decisions that keep our business running. We already have many great ideas for the updates to our older apps and are just waiting for the right time to implement.

If you’re anything like me, you couldn’t stand to use the current version of Tweetbot in iOS 7; it feels like using an app from 2002. Maybe that’s a bit of an exaggeration, but I absolutely did decide to revert to the official Twitter client which had been graced with the iOS 7 aesthetic — and I’ve almost gotten used to it. That said, the app is inconvenient and hard to use in comparison to the luxuries of Tweetbot.

Apparently, there are still a “few things” that need to fall into place before the app can go live, however, so the wait isn’t quite over.

I personally can’t wait to see Tweetbot 3.0 and finally be able to use Twitter on my iOS device again. What about you?

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