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A couple years back, Apple introduced a new form of cases, bumpers.  Originally designed for the 4/4S, the bumper case was a minimalistic design that surrounded the iPhone but didn’t cover up the design queues set by Sir Ive.  Designed by M decided to go out and make their own bumper case, this one made out of aluminum to match the design of the iPhone.  From an aesthetic standpoint, it’s a beautiful case.  

In the Box

Designed by M AeroSpace Aluminum Bumper
Screen Protectors



This bumper case is split up into two parts that slide together to surround the iPhone that it holds inside.   That said, the design is actually very nice and comes in colors to either match your style, or that of the iPhone itself.  Selectable colors include: gun metal, blue, slate, silver, and red.  The color I have is slate (I believe).  The design of the case follows the same aesthetics as the aluminum metal frame around the iPhone 5s.  From an aesthetic standpoint, it’s industrial and sleek; it doesn’t cut into the design of the 5s itself either.


Design: ★★★★


The build quality of the case is actually well up there.  The case is made out of anodized aluminum, just like the iPhone is.  The interior of the AeroSpace is padded to keep your iPhone from rubbing up against the case.  That said, the case itself is built well, Design by M did a great job on that point.


Like most bumper cases, you shouldn’t be buying them if you plan on covering the back of the iPhone.  The entire back of the iPhone is deliberately left exposed.  From an aesthetic standpoint, this is good, from a protective one, it really isn’t.  Additionally, the buttons are also left entirely exposed; I do wish they did cover this up somehow.  The dock connector is as well.


On the plus side, any part that is left exposed is beveled a few millimeters which will definitely help protect the screen, back, buttons, and exposed dock.  So that’s definitely a huge upside to things.  From that standpoint, dropping the device on a flat surface should not harm it in any way.


Build: ★★★★


The AeroSpace by Design by M offers its reuse value by allowing users to protect their devices without adding bulk to the iPhone.  The case will sufficiently protect your device from basic drops due to the beveling.  On the flip side, there is one minor issue I had with the case, and one major issue.  The minor issue is that the silence slider can be a little tough to slide at times, buttons remain accessible though.  The major issue is that the case totally drains the signal right out of the iPhone.  With the case on, I lost my 3 bars of LTE and was forced to 4G when in doors.  Inside many stores, my 4G dropped close to 1 bar.  There was even a time when I couldn’t get LTE, 4G, or 3G and was forced on GPRS.  The interior is lined with a softer material which is supposed to help this, but it doesn’t do too much.


Reuse: ★★★½


I really loved the look and feel of this case; the AeroSpace definitely has that going for it.  The metal compliments the iPhone 5s very well and looks great on the phone.  It’s really built with quality while offering the minimal amount of protection and allowing the design of the iPhone to shine.  The issue you run into is the loss of signal.  If you can get over that, the case is an OK value at the price 60 dollar price point.

Value: ★★★½

Final Thoughts

When I first put the case onto my device, I thought this would probably the case I’d use for quite a while.  Upon actual testing, things changed.  The case is extremely well built, looks attractive and doesn’t cover up Ive’s hard work.  It doesn’t offer the form and function that Apple tries very hard to keep.  In the end, it was the function that won out, something that the Design by M AeroCase takes from.

I’d like to thank Valerie for the product sample.

Overall Score


Design by M AeroSpace Bumper for iPhone 5s


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