The World’s Most Popular Smartphone Explodes While Charging — Again

iPhone Explosion

Imagine this. You connect the nearest sync cable to your iPhone to charge it, as you routinely would. You are patiently waiting for the battery percentage to rise when, suddenly, the iPhone explodes from inside. For the unlucky user that shared the photo above, that’s exactly what happened.

It’s unclear what caused the combustion, but all signs point towards a faulty battery. It’s a pretty scary situation, although the fortunate thing is that it easily could have been worse. But what is even scarier is that this could happen to anyone with an iPhone. You, me, or anyone. And, no, the bowl of rice trick won’t work this time.

It’s not the first time that an iPhone has exploded into thin air. It’s happened on airplanes, and even in someone’s pocket. It’s a rather serious deal, considering the harm that can be inflicted, and is definitely an issue that Apple should take a more serious look at. Has anything similar ever happened to your iPhone?

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