Apple’s position in the PC market slides during back-to-school quarter

Apple has never been the volume player in the PC market when the iPad is left out of the equation, and that trend continues in the latest numbers released by Gartner and IDC. Lenovo, HP, and Dell — the three largest players by shipment numbers — held up fairly well in year-over-year comparisons, particularly considering that most expected the PC market to shrink at a faster rate.

Apple, on the other hand, saw its year-over-year Mac shipments shrink by 2.3 percent. This is likely due to a number of factors: first, the MacBook Air is the only Mac product line to have been updated thus far in 2013. Consumers likely opted for other Haswell-based machines to take advantage of the improvement in battery life that those products offer, if they weren’t interested in the Air. Further, it seems that there may be another race-to-the-bottom with ultrabooks and other machines, and Apple simply isn’t willing to play that game.

Regardless, it’s obvious that Microsoft and the traditional PC OEMs have a tight hold on the market, even as Apple holds prominent positions in both the smartphone and tablet markets.

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