Analyst supply chain reports add fuel to retina iPad mini, iWatch fire

Analysts are often very, very wrong. Need proof? The iPhone 5C was supposed to be cheap. The first-generation iPad mini was supposed to have a retina display. The Apple TV (as in an all-in-one display) was supposed to ship… well, a decade ago.

With that massive amount of salt added, the above chart has been presented by NPD DisplaySearch, a group responsible for speaking directly to the supply chain and reporting their findings. Those results were compiled in to the chart above, and would seem to suggest a few landmark announcements and reveals on the horizon. Perhaps most timely is the apparent confirmation that the next-generation iPad mini will indeed ship with a retina display. Other than that, both a 4K panel and a very small flexible AMOLED device appears slated for a late 2014 release.

In addition, it appears that production on a larger iPhone is slated to begin in Q2 of next year, which would validate rumors of a larger iPhone in roughly a year.

[DisplaySearch via MacRumors]

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