iPad event on October 22? “Yep.” says Dalrymple

iPad 4 Display

Earlier today, AllThingsD reported that we’re likely going to see Apple’s new iPad line at a yet-to-be-announced press event on October 22nd. As tends to happen with these kinds of reports, renowned Apple pundit Jim Dalrymple has chimed in with his famous “Yep.” over at The Loop. Jim is rarely wrong, if ever, when he throws out a “Yep.” or a “Nope.”, and I don’t expect this to be any different. Expect a post in this space in the coming days detailing an email sent to the press inviting them to Apple’s next exciting press event.

Sadly, the Apple rumor mill is getting so good at unveiling Apple’s plans that this may be yet another unsurprising and underwhelming day for those of us that follow the tabloids.

[The Loop]

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