Samsung airs Galaxy Gear ad that looks a bit famliar…

Samsung launched its ill-reviewed Galaxy Gear smartwatch on September 25th, and this past weekend began debuting the device’s first slew of TV commercials. The ad takes countless scenes from popular movies showing characters using smartwatch-like products. Check it out.

Some of you might notice, however, that the ad is a little familiar…

The following is one of Apple’s first TV spots for the iPhone.

I’ll be the first to recognize that Samsung gets a lot of undeserved (and deserved) hate for copying Apple. However, this commercial seems like a blatant copy of Apple’s offering in my opinion, even going as far as to use clips from The Flintstones. However, it is worth noting that Samsung’s commercial is a bit different in concept. Unlike Apples, which simply suggested the iPhone as a new kind of phone building off generations of previous telephony technology, Samsung presents many fictional scenarios that have occurred in american media and tries to tell the customer that the Galaxy Gear is the realization of these scenarios.

How do you feel? Is Samsung’s Galaxy Gear commercial a copy or not?

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