Clumsy Ninja is finally out – but only in Singapore

clumsy ninjaRemember Clumsy Ninja? After the introduction of the 5th generation iPod touch last fall,¬†NaturalMotion CEO Torsten Reil took the stage to demo what then seemed to be a game full of new groundbreaking artificial intelligence goodness. At the time, the game was slated for release in the “upcoming holiday season,” but that never came to fruition.

In May of this year, iFans probed many NaturalMotion employees on Twitter looking for potential insight as to what actually happened. Luckily, NaturalMotion talent manager Emma McGonigle did in fact break silence, telling us that “its coming” (sic).

A few days ago, iFans forum member An Outright Nihilist stumbled across the game on the Singaporean App Store, meaning that, finally, NaturalMotion has stayed true to their word and released the game to the public. Sadly, however, it appears that this is only a test region-specific release. A few days after the game appeared in Singapore, Clumsy Ninja is still nowhere to be seen stateside.

It could very well be too little, too late for Clumsy Ninja. Any and all hype that may have come from NaturalMotion’s spot at last year’s event is long gone, and the technology that seemed groundbreaking at the time is now a year old. That said, the game is supposedly still fun to play and, conveniently, completely free. At least for now. We’ll keep you updated as to if and when it ever hits any other of the world’s App Stores.

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