Apple’s latest purchase is personal assistant app Cue

Apple, with all its massive pockets, has continued its trend of purchasing smaller companies that it feels will add to its ranks of developers. Today, it is being widely reported that Apple has purchased Cue:

Cue turns your email, contacts and calendar into an intelligent snapshot of your day. All you need to create a Cue account is an email address. Then you can begin linking your Gmail, Yahoo Mail, Google Calendar, Facebook and all the other accounts that you depend on every day. Cue pulls these accounts together and uses sophisticated algorithms to create a personalized overview of the events and activities of your day.

Apple has yet to confirm this, though such a purchase makes sense: many have wondered how Apple would combat Google Now, which is built off of Google’s extensive knowledge of its users. By taking important internet data such as email, calendars, and social networks, Apple could likely begin to build a solution that rivals Google Now.


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