Anonymous claims the NSA is now collecting fingerprints via iPhone 5s Touch ID

A new video released by internet activist group Anonymous claims a connection between Touch ID and the NSA, with Authentec director Robert E Grady being the center of the controversy. However, Apple made it very clear that Touch ID fingerprints are only stored locally.

That claim seems to fly against Apple’s stated promise that the fingerprints used by Touch ID are not stored in the cloud, but instead held inside a secure area hosted on the device. If these claims were correct then the implication would be that the secure area on the device is not that secure.

Are Anonymous’ claims baseless and sensationalist? Absolutely. What do you think? I would like to note that the U.S. government already has many civilians’ fingerprints, whether it be for a passport or for a “community safety” program sponsored by local authorities.

[Computer World]

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