Report: Apple tops Google and Coca-Cola to be most valuable brand


After 13 long years of reigning supreme as most valuable company in the world, Coca-Cola has been knocked off its pedestal by none other than Apple, Inc. The report, from brand consulting company Interbrand, lists Apple and Google as “Top Risers” for the last 12 months. Hit the break for some quick highlights.

Every so often, a company changes our lives, not just with its products, but also with its ethos. This is why, following Coca-Cola’s 13-year run at the top of Best Global Brands, Interbrand has a new #1—Apple. Few brands have enabled so many people to do so much so easily, which is why Apple has legions of adoring fans, as evidenced by the record-breaking launch of the iPhone 5c/5s. For revolutionizing the way we work, play, and communicate—and for mastering the ability to surprise and delight—Apple has set a high bar for aesthetics, simplicity, and ease of use that all other tech brands are now expected to match, and that Apple itself is expected to continually exceed.

Interesting tidbits from the report:

  • Google has passed Coca-Cola as well, with 34% growth in value
  • Apple has actually grown slower in value than Google in the last 12 months, up 28%
  • Samsung enters the top 10 for the first time with this report, up 20% from 12 months ago

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