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MEElectronics really has established themselves as a company that can produce IEMs that sound great without the need to break the bank.  The A151 is a classic MEElectronics model, one that I previously reviewed.  The A151p is the mic’d version of the IEM.  For whatever reason, some of the issues I had with the original seem to have disappeared despite being the very same IEM.  The A151p proves to be a sonically strong IEM with its sweet signature


Drivers: Balanced Armature
Frequency Response: 20 Hz – 18 kHz
Impedance: 27 ohms
Sensitivity: 111 dB

In the Box

MEElectronics A151p
Silicone Tips (Single Flange: S/M/L, Double Flange: L, Triple Flange: L)
Carrying Case



The A151 have a very unique housing design that seems to be specific to MEE only.  It’s one of two over-ear only designs that is employed by MEE, the other being the M6 fitness-targetted IEM.  The A151 offers a shape that looks very odd, but looks great when inserted into the ear.  The color scheme is monochrome with a flashy chrome accent that has the MEE logo silkscreened directly into it.  The design is something that really works for the A151; it proves to be one of my favorite IEM designs of all time.


Design: ★★★★


The signature of the A151 is a classic sweet signature that has linear bass response while have a midrange focus with strong vocals and lighter treble.  The signature is one that is employed quite a bit and very successful.  The midrange vocals may be a bit too focused for a few people though.

The A151 has a nice bit of bass to it that seems to be quite linear with a roll off that may be a little earlier than I’d like.  The sub-bass can lack presence at times and find itself in the back seat.  Overall, it’s got a solid texturing, but doesn’t really carry fluidity to it.  The impacts are nice and strong while the mid-bass punch keeps everything tight and controlled.

The midrange has a slight focus on it that can come off as aggressive at times.  The detailing and its retrieval is very well presented though.  Clarity is something that the A151 focuses on, and it does it in a way that is anything but discrete.  Vocals are probably one of the stronger focuses of the A151 allowing them to pop out with strong power and clarity; the energy up top really allows them to stand out.   At times, they may seem like they lack lushness though.

A treble focus is something that the A151 doesn’t have.  The lower treble has ample presence, but is strong with detailing and extension.  This allows for accurate reproduction of snares.  However, that’s where it really ends for the treble.  The upper highs can splash every now and then, but they definitely aren’t the strongest.  Detailing is OK, but separation is great.  They don’t extend too far into the spectrum unfortunately.

Audio: ★★★★½


The build quality of the A151 is probably one of the best I’ve ever seen.  The new A151 does ship with MEElectronics’ redesigned case that protects as well as its old one.  The case has a single pouch inside for accessories or something like an iPod Shuffle.  The case itself will do its job and protect the IEMs when not in use.


The housings on the A151 are made out of a polycarbonate.  Unlike most plastics though, this one feels nice and firm with a good thickness to it.  This quickly translates over to a pair of housings that feels very solid and strong.  A nice, large, and angled strain relief comes out of each of these housings to reduce stress on the cable.


The cable on the A151 have always been one of my favorite cables ever made.  Lots of companies have a twisted cable, but none of them feel like the A151’s.  It’s twisted design makes the cable feel much stronger without the need to actually thicken it.  The design also allows the cable to be flexible and malleable without tangling at all.  MEElectronics did a great job cabling the A151, I hope that they decide to use this cable in some of their future products.


The headphone jack, however, is probably the weakpoint of the headphones.  The jack does have an amply sized strain relief that comes out of it.  It does have a housing that seems strong enough and the gold-plating on the connector makes them resist corrosion.  All of these are great properties, but the main weakness of the jack is that it is still the same straight jack; I’d rather it be angled.


Build: ★★★★½


The A151 is a fairly light IEM due to the plastic housing.  The strain reliefs are angled out of the housing to allow them to be more comfortable when worn over the ear.  That said, these are an over ear design.  The tips that they ship with may be a little stiffer than most people may be comfortable with, but something that one can adjust to.  Overall, the comfort is solid, a softer tip may be beneficial to the IEM though.


Comfort: ★★★★½


The A151 does provide an overall great value for what it offers.  I do still feel that their current flagship, the A161, would provide a better value overall.  The A151 is not too far behind though.  The sound quality is still great for the price and design eye catching.  The build is top-notch overall as well.  Some may have to adjust to the comfort and fit of the A151, but it’s worth it in the end.  As with the rest of the p series that MEElectronics has, the A151p does come equipped with a remote and mic.


Value: ★★★★½

Final toughts

The A151p is a refresh of MEElectronics’ previous flagship model, this time a new remote and mic was added to the beautifully designed coiled cable.  The IEM remains the same, and still holds a strong value, like it did before.  The sound quality you get is really great, especially at the lower price point.

I’d like to thank Mike for the product sample.

Overall Score

MEElectronics A151p

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