Businessweek Sits Down With Cook, Ive, and Federighi

apple leaders

Bloomberg Businessweek today published an interview with Apple CEO Tim Cook, VP of Design Jony Ive, and VP of Software Craig Federighi. The interview covers multiple topics, including the latest releases. It also addresses one of the more pressing issues facing Apple: the fact that the company doesn’t have a device to compete with extremely inexpensive devices.

“There’s always a large junk part of the market,” he says. “We’re not in the junk business.” The upper end of the industry justifies its higher prices with greater value. “There’s a segment of the market that really wants a product that does a lot for them, and I want to compete like crazy for those customers,” he says. “I’m not going to lose sleep over that other market, because it’s just not who we are.”

It’s a strong statement: Apple isn’t interested in the low-end markets, where profit margins are incredibly small and devices are so often poorly constructed. It may not be a popular position in some cases, but it is a very Apple-esque stance. And let’s remember: it has worked in the past.


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