‘Space Gray’ iPad mini Shell Surfaces


With the announcement of iPhone 5s, Apple introduced a new color option for a variety of its other devices including the iPod touch, iPod nano, and iPod shuffle. The color, dubbed “Space Gray” is a near-black that supposedly has a bit of interstellar inspiration. The introduction of this color to the iPod line, however, has left many wondering if the iPad line will get the same treatment come later this fall when those devices see a hardware refresh.

There have already been plenty of supposed second-generation iPad mini leaks up to this point, but this morning MacRumors has shared (via Nowhereelse.fr) a few new photos displaying the casing in the new “Space Gray” variety. Hit the break for a couple more photos.


A report from C Technology yesterday claimed that the next iPad mini will indeed be shipping with the Space Gray configuration, and today’s photos seem to corroborate these claims. The C Technology report also said that the full-size iPad will be shipping in the same configurations seen on the iPhone 5s (gold/white, space gray/black, and silver/white).


Apple is looking to update its iPad line in the next couple of months, with the latest rumors suggesting that the press event could be scheduled for as early as next month.


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