Apple Updates Apple Store iOS App for iOS 7


While all of the default apps apart of iOS 7 have fittingly been updated to match iOS 7 aesthetic, there are still many Apple-built apps available on the App Store which have yet to be updated visually. This morning, Apple has has released what is surely the first of many updates to these apps – this one being the Apple Store app. The app has been updated with iOS 7 compatibility, been given a new icon and has been “optimized for iOS 7 with a refined user interface.”

As MacRumors notes, the app appears to have nearly identical functionality as compared to its iOS 6 and earlier counterpart. Reports released earlier this week said, however, that Apple plans to add functionality allowing the app to show the in-stock status of various iPhone models (specifically iPhone 5s) at local Apple Retail Stores. It’s still to be seen if this will turn out to be true, but seeing the supposedly strained iPhone 5s supply, such functionality would make sense.

[App Store via MacRumors]

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