iOS 7 Is Available: Should You Update Now?

iOS 7 on iPhone 5C

iOS 7 is now available to anyone and everyone — that’s a big deal. iOS 7 is literally Apple’s most comprehensive update to iOS yet. After six years of featuring what amounted to the same design, Apple has allowed a new chef in the kitchen. That chef is Sir Jony Ive, and his vision of iOS is far different than anything we’ve seen yet.

With a new chef comes a new menu. iOS 7 is different in plenty of ways. Icons, multitasking, notification center, even every one of the built-in apps is different. But it’s also familiar — enough of the same interaction motifs carried over that upgrading doesn’t feel scary. Most people will have absolutely no issue with the latest version of iOS.

Except for one thing: bugs.

iOS 7 is a buggy a release. There are performance issues on older devices. Battery life drains faster on some devices. Animations may be laggy, or skip a frame. More than that, some of Apple’s own apps will crash if something goes wrong. These bugs are most prominent on any version of the iPad. The iPhone suffers from some small issues, but the bugs in iOS 7 are much more pronounced on the iPad.

From Forstall to Ive, in One Year

iPhone 5S Side

iOS 7 isn’t a failure: in less than a year, Apple changed, visually, every part of iOS. They added features and removed cruft. They removed those darn linen backgrounds, then engineered a way to replace it with translucent glass.

They left some bugs scattered around. Individually, none of those problems would make me say that sticking with iOS 6 is the smart move. Together, though — well, it makes sticking with iOS 6 worth considering. iOS 7.0.1 will come out in about a week or so and fix almost everything. It may be worth it to wait until that point.

IOS 7 logo

Exception(s): If you love apps and don’t have much patience, or you want the latest device (guilty of both charges, your honor), upgrade. Plenty of amazing new apps will be iOS 7-only, and you won’t want to wait for them to be updated. If you’re buying a new device, well — iOS 7 comes installed regardless.

Regardless of if you are updating or staying on the tried-and-true iOS 6, enjoy what’s new, and know that any bugs are only temporary.

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