iPhone 5s Stock is “Severely Constrained” for Friday’s Launch

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With models of the iPhone 5s selling out in record time in China, it isn’t a surprise that Apple’s stock of the 5s is severely limited for its worldwide release on September 20th. Today, various news outlets reported that Apple’s latest flagship device will be in very short quantity for some time.

AllThingsD and BGR both report that Apple’s inventory will be extremely low. One carrier went so far as to say that their stock was “grotesquely” limited, while others informed BGR that supply was “severely constrained.” 9to5mac‘s Mark Gurman heard similar news, but added that the gold and white options would be more constrained than the space grey options. Similarly, 64 GB models are in short supply, as Apple is opting to ship out 16 and 32 GB models instead.

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Further, it appears that the largest factor in the limited supply is the fingerprint sensor. Yield rates for the new gadget are supposedly very low. In addition, the A7 — with its various new features and manufacturing processes — is probably a contributor to the low supply.

So: who’s still planning to try to snag a 5s on launch day? Will you do it online, or in-store?

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