iPhone 5s Stock Depleted After Seconds of Being On Sale in China

iPhone 5s china availability sold out

While the rest of the world didn’t have the chance to pre-order the iPhone 5s, customers in China and Hong Kong were able pre-purchase a device for launch day.

However, after just a few minutes, nearly every single SKU was listed as “unavailable” by Apple, indicating a strong demand. Notably, all models of both the silver and gold versions were gone, while the space grey was left with only the 16 GB model.

Planning on purchasing an iPhone 5s on launch day? Take this as a warning — be at the Apple Store early, or set an alarm in order to be ready to make the buy when Apple’s site goes live.

The lack of supply could be a combination of two factors: first, demand is likely high for this high-end iPhone. However, there have also been rumors that point to the fingerprint sensor as being the culprit for a lack of supply. Considering how many completely new components are in the 5s, it isn’t a surprise that Apple could be having a hard time keeping up with the considerable demand.


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