PwnageTool 4.1 Released

The Dev-Team has just released PwnageTool 4.1, which jailbreaks most iDevices (including the Apple TV). It has a ton of handy features, such as the ability to pre-install cydia packages, and maintain the current baseband (for use with ultrasn0w). Hit the source for the full feature list.

We’re pleased to release PwnageTool 4.1 for Mac OS X (free of charge, blog ads, and donation requests — as always!).  Today’s big new addition to the jailbreak family is AppleTV 2G, which was first shown jailbroken in its release week!

Through a combination of the recently released geohot limera1n exploit , @comex’s recently released pf kernel exploit, and our original pwnage2 exploit, PwnageTool 4.1 works untethered on these devices at firmware 4.1:

  • AppleTV 2G
  • iPad (firmware 3.2.2)
  • iPod touch 4G
  • iPod touch 3G
  • iPhone4
  • iPhone 3GS
  • iPhone 3G

PwnageTool allows you to restore to a custom IPSW file.  For instance, you can restore to a pre-jailbroken firmware while simultaneously maintaining your current baseband (and thus your ultrasn0w carrier unlock).  You can also add whatever packages you want in the “Expert” mode of PwnageTool, if you wish to pre-install Cydia packages.   iPhone 3G users get the additional benefit of selecting their own boot and recovery logos, and features like multitasking and battery charge percentage.

They are officially releasing it via BitTorrent, so the servers shouldn’t get too hammered, and there are a few additional mirrors listed on the site. Get it while it’s hot!


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