Video: Making Music With the iPhone

I think that we can all agree that the iPhone has a very smooth music app; after all, it’s the best iPod ever made. However, you might not know that a couple of the versatile little devices can take the place of actual instruments.

When a couple of guys who were, naturally, in a band had their instruments stolen from them in the Big Apple, they decided to broaden their horizons… and they settled on their phones. After searching for apps (personally, I think I can spot PocketGuitar and Drum Kit; shout out in the comments if you know the others), and undoubtedly practicing for hours and hours, they were finally able to perform for a live audience on a train.

Of course, there is a video depicting the considerable shock most had when they saw these musicians using iDevices instead of a guitar, mic, and drums. You can find the video at the read link!


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