Steve Jobs: ’7 inch iPad Competitors Likely to be DOA’

Despite recent rumors of a 7 inch iPad being in the works, Apple Inc. CEO Steve Jobs has shot them down, down, down into the ground with a single statement during the press call: “7 inch tablets are DOA.”

Mr. Jobs cited a couple big reasons why these 7 inch tablets that are to hit the market soon, including Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, will ultimately fail, though the most stressed is definitely about 3rd-party software. Jobs claims that 10 inches is the optimal screen size for a tablet, because of the room it gives developers to utilize when making apps. Smaller tablets, he also states, will not be able to compete on price with the iPad, since Apple is designing everything for the iPad in-house; from batteries to the silicon powering, it’s all Apple, all the time.

He also makes a few more controversial points:

  • Google even says Android is not for tablets in its current Froyo-form, but OEMs are slapping it on larger devices anyways.
  • Tablets, regardless of size, are not meant to be as portable as a smartphone. They aren’t supposed to match the versatility of a device that fits in your pocket and goes everywhere. Assuming that is true, why not use the space available to you?
  • iPad has 35,000 apps designed with it in mind. New tablets will have 0.
  • Computers have to be designed with 3rd-party software in mind. The current crop of iPad competitors weren’t.
  • 7 inch tablets will be killed next year after the manufacturers have learned their lesson, meaning that consumers and developers who hopped on the 7 inch tablet train will be left out.
  • Apple has spent a lot of time conducting research into the optimal tablet screen size. 10 inches is it, 7 isn’t.

I have to agree that there are some perfectly valid points in there (such as Google not wanting its partners to use Froyo on tablets). However, like any corporate announcement, you have to take some of it with some suspicion.

Those points were made during Apple’s conference call today. As for the numbers? Suffice it to say that Apple isn’t going bankrupt anytime soon.

Audio of the rant speech is available here.

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