9to5Mac: OS X Mavericks is Coming in Late October

MavericksMark Gurman of 9to5Mac reports that Apple’s ninth version of its Mac operating system, known as OS X Mavericks, or 10.9 will be released by the end of October. 10.9, which includes Apple maps and iBooks integration and several new power user enhancements, was first shown of June of this year at WWDC13. Mavericks has been in beta since then and Apple has seeded at least 7 developer previews of its new operating system. Gurman, who has been reputable in the past, reports that Apple is focusing on launching the redesigned iOS 7 as early as possible.

In May, a report surfaced that Apple is pulling Mac engineers to help with the new mobile operating system to launch on time. Apple hasn’t done this since the original iPhone in 2007.

“Yes, yes — it’s essentially a repeat of the iPhone/Leopard scenario,” one source said, referring to Apple’s 2007 decision to pull engineers from OS X 10.5 to work on iPhone. “Not as much of a fire drill, though. It will ship on time.”

In mid-August, Mark also reported that Apple is putting more energy on the iPhone build of iOS at the expense of the iPad build, which is rumored to be delayed to an October release, alongside the redesigned 5th generation iPad and iPad mini 2.

Previously, Apple launched two versions of OS X a day after quarterly earning calls. Mark believes Apple will launch Mavericks in a similar manner.

For the launch of both OS X Lion and OS X Mountain Lion, Apple released the new operating systems the day following an earning results release. Apple traditionally shares its Q4 earnings numbers during the second half of October, so perhaps Apple will release Mavericks the day following its Q4 results announcement

Are you looking forward to Mavericks this fall?

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