Verizon iPhone in “AP” Testing Phase?

A “solid” source for Boy Genius Report is claiming that the rumored Verizon iPhone is in the final field testing stage before its retail release. At this point, if the source is correct, the hardware has been finalized, and the software is nearly ready for prime-time. They note that this model, “3,2“, has a SIM card slot – something uncharacteristic for CDMA devices. It’s possible that this could be the ‘world edition‘ iPhone 4 with a dual GSM/CDMA chip, or a revamped AT&T model without the famed antenna issue (which would be extremely disappointing). Another possibility is that it will be 4g-ready, since Verizon has confirmed that LTE will require a SIM card. If so, things just got even more interesting.

The source also claims that the next-generation iPhone (a different model entirely) is in the “engineering verification test” phase. This is not too surprising, considering that Apple probably started working on the iPhone 5 before the 4 even made it’s way into customers hands. This model will most likely drop sometime in July, based on Apple’s predictable habits.

[Boy Genius Report]

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