Apple “Marketer of the Decade”

Ad Age has proclaimed Apple the “Marketer of the Decade”, due to the success of their retail stores, the effect of the iPad on casual computing, how iAds fundamentally changed the way we use and interact with advertisements, and the way Apple handled the whole Antennagate fiasco. They certainly deserve the title, considering that they constantly create popular products.

Apple has come a long way in the past decade, and has truly created a brand unlike any other. They don’t conform to the industry standards, and really carve their own path. Love them or hate them, Apple has done a ton of good for the computer industry.

It seems fitting: Apple kicked off the aughts in 2001 with the iPod, an electronic device that went on to disrupt and forever change the music industry; then mid-decade it dropped the iPhone, a mobile device that changed the mobile-phone industry and added the word “apps” to the English vocabulary; and finally, in 2010 it debuted the iPad, a computing device with the potential to disrupt the media, publishing, entertainment and computing industries.

Congrats, Apple!

[Ad Age]

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