Rumor: iPhone 5S Could Support LTE Advanced

iPhone 5 twoWhile carriers across the United States and worldwide are still focusing on expanding their LTE networks, the world of technology continues to evolve. With that comes LTE Advanced, otherwise known as LTE-A, which theoretically offers up to 3 Gbps download and 1.5 Gbps upload speeds. LTE-A is already available in parts of Russia, while AT&T plans to roll out the technology in the second half of this year.

I’m sure that this new standard will be blazing fast, after carriers implement it, but we will also need smartphones that are compatible first. We’ve already heard that Samsung has plans to release a Galaxy S4 LTE Advanced model, and German carrier Deutsche Telekom now hints that the iPhone 5S could have LTE-A support too. 

iDownloadBlog speculates on the idea:

The German blog passes along a passage from Deutsche Telekom’s press release announcing the carrier will be launching the 150MBit/s LTE Advanced network later this month.

“Appropriate devices from other vendors will follow by the end of September,” a machine-translated statement reads. This is of course pure speculation as “appropriate devices” could mean a whole bunch of upcoming handsets.

It’s important to remember that this far from concrete information, and is only pure speculation. But perhaps the “S” in iPhone 5S will stand for “speed” after all. Either way, we’ll find out at Apple’s September 10th media event in San Francisco. iFans will be providing live meta coverage of the presser as it unfolds.


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