Watch This: Video Comparison of Next-Gen iPad and iPad Mini

We’ve got one of the first looks at what appears to be the back shells for both the next-generation iPad and iPad mini, courtesy of YouTube user UnboxTherapy. In the above video, a side-by-side comparison of the two tablets shows that they are virtually identical in thinness and overall aesthetics. The next full-size iPad will bear a metallic Apple logo on the back, with a thinner bezel akin to the iPad mini.

Apple has yet to refresh its iPad lineup during this entire calendar year, so it’s fairly safe to assume that some updated models should arrive soon. The fourth-generation iPad was introduced last October, alongside the iPad mini. It has been speculated by multiple sources that Apple will eventually include a Retina display on the 7.9-inch model, but it’s unclear if the next iPad mini will reflect that change.

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