Gilded Age iPad

Apple has the whole “virtual keyboard” thing nailed down pretty well, but there will always be that niche group of users who prefer a hardware keyboard for drafting up their prose. Sure, you could buy Apple’s keyboard dock for your iPad, but that would totally disrupt the flow in your grandeur office.

In comes the USB Typewriter. At last, you no longer have to choose function over form, and can bust out your status updates in true Hemingway style. The chaps behind the modification have a whole slew of models available to choose from, (though, the obvious choice can be seen to your right) and they even allow you to send in your own machine for converting. The accessory works on any USB device, including the iPad – which looks quite at home perched atop the carriage, if I do say so myself.

Of course, if you were looking to buy your way into haut monde, be warned: One does not become fancy overnight, and simply purchasing a vintage typewriter-keyboard will not ensure your entrance into the elusive gentlemen’s club. That will require a proper balance of monocle and moustache (along with a calabash to top things off), and a fair bit of dare-saying.

But, it’s a start.

[USB Typewriter]

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