Apple Holding a Separate Event in China on September 11


Apple yesterday sent out invitations for its expected September 10 iPhone-related event, but today the Cupertino corporation has apparently done something somewhat interesting. The company has issued a separate set of invitations for a separate event to be held in Beijing, China on September 11. Although the design of the invitation is identical–albeit in Chinese–to the one sent yesterday, it’s unclear what Apple has planned for this separate event.

The event could very well cover China-specific announcements such as the┬árumored China Mobile deal, or it could also be a recap of the event to be held the day before. The latter scenario would make sense seeing that Apple is surely soon to be pushing the iPhone 5C in many developing markets such as China, but the former would make sense as well – not many Americans care nor need to know that Apple has struck a deal with a Chinese mobile provider.



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