How Would You Change FaceTime and iMessage?

FaceTime Logo

First launched in iOS 4 at the release of the iPhone 4, FaceTime is a video calling service similar to Skype but only available on iOS devices and more recent versions of Mac OS X. Steve Jobs promised that FaceTime would become an “open standard,” though, sadly, we haven’t seen that come to fruition quite yet. But Apple has indeed improved upon the service since its initial launch. Most recently, in iOS 7, Apple introduced “FaceTime Audio” which is an audio-only version of FaceTime.

FaceTime, however, is only one of Apple’s two rock star personal communication platforms launched in the last several years. The second of which is iMessage, a messaging service available only on iOS devices more recent than iOS 5 and on Mac with Mountian Lion or later. Recently, Apple announced users have sent over 300 billion messages since October 2012. Clearly, both of these services have been big hits with Apple customers. They aren’t perfect yet, however.

How would you improve upon these two services? 

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