FaceTime in Middle East Works on the iPod Touch

A few weeks back, many users in the Middle East (customers of the UAE’s du network specifically), were notified that FaceTime would not work on the iPhone 4 over 3g – or even WiFi. Since cell phones have to go through the carrier before it can be purchased by a customer, it was unknown if the iPod Touch would have the same restriction set in place.

Luckily, iRamadah is reporting that users can chat with FaceTime on the fourth generation iPod Touch. It appears that the limitation on the iPhone was put fourth by carriers due to network limitations, and not by Apple or a governing body. Since a majority of the networks in the region have disabled the feature, it’s still a possibility that there is in fact more to the story, but it is also possible that they just have a non-compete agreement with each other.

A breakdown of FaceTime’s availability on carriers in different countries can be found on Apple’s website.

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