Does Tim Cook Deserve More Credit?


Tim Cook as Apple’s CEO continues to be somewhat of a polarizing subject. Many claim that he isn’t a creator, and so under his leadership Apple is losing its attention to detail and ability to innovate. Others claim that his Apple is superior in many ways: Apple is now a more “friendly” company, and recent product updates and software releases/announcement may yet prove that Cook is just as innovative as his famous predecessor.

The latter is the argument posited by Seth Fiegerman over on Mashable:

Cook has repeatedly owned up to the company’s mistakes during his tenure, only to be criticized by some in the media for apologizing — something Steve Jobs would never do. Except, of course, when Jobs did apologize.

Ever since Cook took over as permanent CEO exactly two years ago Saturday, he has frequently been judged in comparison to what people assumed his larger-than-life predecessor might have done, just as Apple has been judged against the many assumptions of what it might do next.

He goes on to name various “experts” and analysts who find Cook’s performance to be more than adequate, even compared to the fountain of success experienced under the second reign of Jobs. Regardless, last Saturday marked the man’s second anniversary of being CEO of Apple, Inc.

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