iOS Developer Adam Bell Talks Jailbreak Tweaks at WWJC 2013

Adam Bell WWJC

Adam Bell started jailbreaking during the iOS 1.x.x days, and loved the concept of how iOS devices could be jailbroken. He started by making a replacement for music app, since he was pretty annoyed with it.

Since then, he has created Stride, Cascade, PostOffice, and other great tweaks that you see in Cydia Store today. One of his tweaks, MessageBox, ‘removed’ Chat Heads from Facebook chat and overlaid into the Springboard and over other applications. To get this application to work, he used XPC framework and CyCript. BackBoard was also used to allow Chat Heads to stay open without the launch daemon ‘Watchdog’ killing backgrounded applications.¬†

Adam previewed how he uses CyCrypt to run commands directly from the Facebook application while it runs in the background. He can morph the way that Facebook is displayed, and in the final case, he removes everything except the Facebook chat heads to overlay them. It was very interesting to see how it all worked. Below is an example of how he overlaid four apps on top of SpringBoard, all functional at the same time. Crazy stuff!

Adam Bell WWJC 2

In addition, I’ve always wondered how well the iPhone would work with Google Glass, and Adam has answered that for everyone. He has created a tweak known as PostOffice to push ALL iOS notifications to the Google Glass. It will most likely grow in development as soon as Google publicly releases Glass at a lower consumer price range, but for now it is useful to those using Google Glass with an iOS device.

iFans forum member Robert Calaceto is attending the annual Worldwide Jailbreak Conference this weekend in New York City, delivering up-to-the-minute coverage of the event as it unfolds. Several prominent members of the jailbreaking community are at WWJC this year, including Cydia founder Jay Freeman (saurik), iOS hacker Joshua Hill (p0sixninja) and jailbreak developers Adam Bell (b3ll) and Ryan Petrich (rpetrich).

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